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70% of Healthcare Costs are Preventable

According to the American Heart Association, we lose $32 BILLION a year because of premature illness associated with cardiovascular diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.

What does this mean for your business?

Benefits for providing a Fitness program include lower healthcare costs, reduced absenteeism, and greater productivity & morale. Returns on investment include double-digit decreases in sick leave, hospital admissions, disability days and per capita workers compensation costs.

In fact, 86% of companies with more than 50 employees offer a Fitness program, and 31% of those employers reported a positive return on investment.

What current Clients are saying...
Jessica LipsonJessica LipsonCross MediaWorks - Dir. Human Resources

Cross MediaWorks joined Weston Fitness as part of our Employee Wellness Initiative, and it has really "worked out!" Their trainers are friendly, accommodating and available throughout the day. They offer a number of classes during the day and after work, making it very easy for "9 to 5ers" to fit a workout into their daily routine. Even when I am at my busiest, I can still squeeze in a 30-minute sweat session.

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