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Yoga is the Sanskirt word for “union”, referring to the union of mind, body and spirit. The goal of yoga practice is to achieve this union by developing bodily awareness through specific poses, postures and meditative breathing techniques.


Yoga Challenge with Louis

A movement based eclectic yoga style designed to develop strength, increased flexibility and stress reduction


Yoga Stretch with Christina

This class challenges participants to slow down and get specific. Working with breath, imagery and dynamic alignment, it encourages people to find new movement patterns while improving balance, range of motion, and core strength. It is an invigorating mid-week class that helps connect mind and body and reduce stress and tension.


Yin Yoga with Rachel

Yin Yoga  stretches your body and your mind to new limits as you hold poses a bit longer and focus on deepening the breath and stretching the muscles. It is mainly ground work, however some standing poses are incorporated to strengthen and lengthen the muscles before focusing on stretching and relieving the muscles of built up tension.

WesFit Classes
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